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About Body Contouring

Body contouring and body sculpting are becoming increasingly popular as a non-surgical and non-invasive method of fat removal and to reduce inches. Fat loss without surgery is better for the body. There’s little to no downtime and the body flushes the fat through natural processes. With surgery, incisions are made, the fat is sucked out, and the body has to go through a painful healing process.

Body Contouring Services Near Chicago IL

Ultrasound Cavitation 30-35min

Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive fat removal procedure and treatment that uses ultrasonic waves to destroy the membrane of unwanted fat cells. So, there is no surgery no anesthesia, no time off from work, no hospital stay therefore no recovery time. Once the membrane has been broken, the fat in the targeted area is liquified and your body secretes the waste through your lymphatic system (sweat, urine, and feces).

This is good for stubborn fat in the stomach area, waist, lower back, thighs, and underarms.

6-10 sessions recommended to reach desired results.

Laser Lipo/ILipo 30 min

Laser Lipo is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin. Another name for this process is laser lipolysis. There is no down time and clients should expect to spend about 30 minutes to an hour per session, and 30-40 minutes of cardio exercise is recommended.

During this procedure, a Laser will penetrate the skin when a specialized machine is placed directly on the skin. When this happens, a tiny hole is created in the fat cells causing them to release content into the body making them smaller. The content is removed by waste through the body’s lymphatic and urinary systems.

6-10 sessions should be scheduled and about 2-3 times per week is recommended for maximum results.

Targeted treatment areas: Back of thighs, mid-thighs, back, abdomen, chin arms, and waistlines.


Vacuum Therapy Buttock Lift 1hr 15 min

You won’t stop looking at it!!!!!! This Non-surgical butt lift procedure is used to lift the buttocks, contour your lower body, and increase volume using your own fat. This will create a firmer, rounder backside without downtown or surgery.

6-10 sessions are recommended for maximum results.

Vacuum Therapy Cellulite Reduction 40 min

Non-invasive treatment technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups or cups.

SculptIce Body 40 min

An all-natural breakthrough product that freezes and breaks down fat cells; allowing the relocation and removal of unwanted fat.

SculptIce One Area 30 min

An all-natural breakthrough product that freezes and breaks down fat cells; allowing the relocation and removal of unwanted fat.

Sauna Body Detox 30 min

Infrared rays heat the body directly to aid in weight-loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system. The detox will cause you to sweat and release toxins resulting in loss of body fat while reducing inches.  This is great on its own or used as an add on to cavitation or laser.

Vaginal Rejuvenation 30 min

As women age certain conditions such as childbirth, age, or trauma can cause vaginal laxity which can make her loose her youthfulness in this area. Vaginal rejuvenation restores the vaginal canal by using noninvasive radio frequency to rebuild collagen in the vaginal walls which creates a tighter vaginal canal, more moisture, and an increase in vaginal sensation; also decreases incontinence.

3- 5 treatments recommended for maximum results.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Face 25 min

Tone and tighten the skin on your face!! This treatment uses radio-frequency to break down fat and tighten and tone skin the skin on your face without any downtime.

Radio-frequency boosts your skin’s collagen production and improves elasticity, while getting rid of fatty deposits.

6-12 treatments are recommended for maximum results. RF skin tightening of the face is 25 min.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Body 30 min

Tone and tighten your skin!! This treatment uses radio-frequency to break down fat and tighten and tone skin in targeted areas without any downtime.

Radio-frequency body contouring boosts your skin’s collagen production, improves elasticity, and reduces the appearance of cellulite while getting rid of fatty deposits.

Perfect for post pregnancy belly, fine lines in the skin or saggy thighs.

6-12 treatments are recommended for maximum results. Radio frequency skin tightening can be done on the face or the body. RF skin tightening of the body is 30 min.

Wood Therapy 30 min

This treatment helps to reduce cellulite appearance, define your body natural contour, increase metabolism and tone target areas by breaking down fatty pockets in return it stimulates the body’s lymphatic system eliminate toxins and waste.


Non-surgical solution to cellulite and stubborn fat. An injection containing vitamins, minerals, and medicines and injected into the mesoderm. Can also help treat hair loss (alopecia) in men and women.

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